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Dr Mark Bowes, constructive and reconstructive dentist and co-owner of Enamel Clinic in Cape Town spoke to IVOblog about using e.max:

Posted by Ivodent on May 19, 2023

How long have you been using e.max and what is your experience with it?

I have used e.max extensively over the past 12years – as long as I have worked in South Africa – and was one of the first people to use it.  I’ve done almost six thousand restorations using e.max and haven’t found any other material that matches up to it.  Its longevity and aesthetics is impressive.

What are your key reasons for choosing to use e.max

In the past dentists have had to compromise on materials that look good but don’t last very long. e.max restorations have both beauty and long life. It also allows us to apply minimally invasive protocols as a more conservative approach to restorations. I can restore the teeth without having to destroy them first. It fits our need in every way and is an absolute win-win option. IVOCLAR has managed to create a material that adapts to each patient – colour, aesthetics… etc. It fits seamlessly into where dentistry is going – from analogue to digital – the adaptation has been done – and Ivoclar is ahead of the game.

Longevity and aesthetics are the key cornerstones in dentistry – we always had to compromise…. Now we have the best of both worlds with e.max.

In the 12 years I have been working with e.max I have had the time to see and evaluate the cases…..and I am even more enthusiastic now I can see the longevity!!

I love its versatility – I can do the front and back of mouth and implants.

Ivoclar has had the opportunity to develop something in a way that fits our needs in a big way – it is an outstanding option.

The materials are designed to fit every case – no longer is it necessary to compromise on lifespan in favour of quality.

Because no two cases are the same, Ivoclar has managed to create a material that adapts to each patient – colour, aesthetics… etc.

Some dentists do resist changes but I have adapted, from single teeth to full mouth rehabilitations. I run an aesthetic and restorative practice.  It fits into where dentistry is going – from analogue to digital – the adaptation has been done – and Ivoclar is ahead of the game…

The versatility of materials is exciting, I can use an ingot hand-made (wax and press) or milled in a block, design CAD and CAM and mill!

Very few materials have long term research to back up  long-term claims – I have confidence due to the success I have achieved over the years, supported by the clinical research.

I love the predictability of the material – successful delivery, treatment and longevity benefits both me and the patient financially and brings credibility and satisfaction.

Dr Bowes is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists; practised in London for 23years and in 2010 founded the South African Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. He runs a private practice in Cape Town, focussed on Aesthetic and Complex Restorative Dentistry.  He is a member and registered speaker for the ITI – International Team for Implantology. As Founder and past president of the South African Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, he has pioneered the development of Digital Smile Design in South Africa, enabling dentists to develop a smile which fits both aesthetic and functional needs for each individual. As a DSD World Master and Instructor, he lectures and teaches both in Southern Africa and internationally. He is passionate about minimally invasive treatment and has introduced IAS – Intelligent Aligner Systems to South Africa, running courses to teach fellow dentists. Mark has recently been invited to be a silver member of the prestigious group Styleitaliano and an honorary global ambassador for @slowdentistry. He is an ambassador of the Humble Smile Foundation – a global group of dental and development professionals who passionately promote oral health and prevent oral disease as an integral part of children’s well-being.


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