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May 13, 2024
Dr Stephné Fenwick unpacks the details of Ivoclar products containing 10-MDP in this month's IVOblog

The MDP-based adhesive functional monomer found in various Ivoclar products has been specially formulated to ensure high bond strengths to various substrates. MDP consists of a long-chain methacrylate with a phosphoric acid group. The phosphoric acid group enables a stable chemical bond to zirconium oxide and base metal alloys. Consequently, using an additional bonding agent […]

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April 5, 2024
Discover Real Insights: Dr. Giuseppe Chiodera's Lucida Click Case Study Unveiled!

Dr. Giuseppe Chiodera, an honorary member of Style Italiano, loves developing new treatment techniques that simplify diagnostic and restorative procedures. Lucida Paste a sub-micron hybrid water-soluble patented polishing compound for extreme gloss in combination with the felts. For more product information click here. The Final Product:

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August 21, 2023
Dr Patricio Guitierrez Case Study: Clinical Management of Deep Subgingival Margin Elevation in Posterior Teeth with Structural Compromise

Clinical Management of Deep Subgingival Margin Elevation in Posterior Teeth with Structural Compromise. The understanding of restorative dentistry today demands not only considering the preservation of remaining tissues but also respecting the biomechanics governing the dental structures, having as main objectives the preservation of pulpal health and strengthening fragile and more affected teeth, providing a […]

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May 19, 2023
Dr Mark Bowes, constructive and reconstructive dentist and co-owner of Enamel Clinic in Cape Town spoke to IVOblog about using e.max:

How long have you been using e.max and what is your experience with it? I have used e.max extensively over the past 12years – as long as I have worked in South Africa – and was one of the first people to use it.  I’ve done almost six thousand restorations using e.max and haven’t found […]

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May 17, 2023
One of our biggest e.max fans - Dr Vikash Naidoo, a dentist from The Smile Zone in Gauteng shared with IVOblog his experience using e.max…

I have been using e.max in my practice for almost 15years and I can say in all confidence that it surpasses any other material I have ever used before.  It’s more superior as it’s the most stable and versatile material for the job at hand. I can go home and sleep well at night knowing […]

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May 17, 2023
Dr Andy Effting, senior dentist and clinical director of Hout Bay Dental Studio, spoke to IVOblog on trusting e.max:

How long have you been using e.max? I have worked with bonding ceramics for 34yrs; prior to e.max I used EMpress 1 and EMpress 2. e.max revolutionised the dental industry, mainly due to its strength and versatility. I have been using it since its arrival on the South African scene, and it has added exceptional […]

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