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One of our biggest e.max fans - Dr Vikash Naidoo, a dentist from The Smile Zone in Gauteng shared with IVOblog his experience using e.max…

Posted by Ivodent on May 17, 2023

I have been using e.max in my practice for almost 15years and I can say in all confidence that it surpasses any other material I have ever used before.  It’s more superior as it’s the most stable and versatile material for the job at hand. I can go home and sleep well at night knowing I do not have to worry about the work done, confident that no problems will be experienced.

I use it mainly for crown and bridge work, full rehabilitation cases and have more recently moved into doing a large amount of inlays and onlays, implant based crowns … pretty much everything actually - there really is nothing we can’t use it for!

More and more we get patients who come in and demand “the real e.max material”.  So much so that we use e.max stickers to put on their invoices and cards to prove to them we have used it.  I find patients nowadays are well prepared and educated and come to us having done their homework and well aware of all the options available to them. They do not want Zirconia at all. We last saw this with daVinci Porcelain; patients knew about it and asked for it. Now they ask for e.max.

The strength angle is overrated; there are stronger materials out there, but for me, why I find it superior for the job is that it’s an all-rounder – combining strength, versatility, aesthetics and bondability. When you learn how to properly process and bond it, what more do you want!?  And of course it’s proven, not just in my hands, but in many, many published reports.

I conduct a lot of CADCAM training courses, and in fact am doing an anterior course this week, and I always tell doctors on my courses how essential it is to have e.max as a staple in their practice and we teach and show them how to manage and process it and tell them that they can advocate it with 100% confidence.  I tell them “e.max is the GO TO block!”

Dr Vikash Naidoo graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in 2001, and entered private practice soon after qualifying. Very early on in his career he showed a flair for cosmetic dentistry, and soon thereafter incorporated the art of computerized cosmetic dentistry into his practice. His passion for the computerized cosmetic world of dentistry is such that he has become an international certified CEREC trainer, and derives great satisfaction in training dentists who are new to the CEREC community.

Being invested in computerized dentistry has allowed Vikash to travel the globe, ensuring that he is at the cutting edge of the latest developments in this digital area. Technology has rapidly progressed over the past decade, making dentistry easier, precise, highly efficient and less traumatic, a doctrine Vikash embraces completely. Vikash realised that cosmetically enhancing a patient’s smile, is in most cases only one part of the equation, resulting in him becoming an accredited Dermal filler practitioner, allowing a holistic approach to facial aesthetics. He also has completed a number of post graduate surgical implant courses through the much respected Implant Academy, placing him in a perfect position to be able to complete an excellent standard of comprehensive care.  Dr Vikash Naidoo is an Executive member of the South African Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (SAACD), and participating member of the International Society of Clinical Dentistry (ISCD), South African Dental Association (SADA) and Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).


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