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Why press technology continues to be so important today

Posted by Ivodent on September 12, 2022

Master dental technician Claus Fiderer is specializing in implant prosthetics in his laboratory. As a dedicated user of Ivoclar products, he entered the 2021 prize draw held to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the press technology. He was lucky and won the first prize: a special gold edition Programat EP 5010 G2 press furnace. In the interview below, he tells us why he enjoys using the press technique and what advantages he sees in using it.


How did you get into dental technology and what do you like about it?

Claus Fiderer: As a child, I used to love building stuff, especially model aircrafts. I was fascinated by the precision mechanics behind these things, and I still am. My dad was a dentist and so there was a connection with dentistry from an early age. One thing led to another and I decided to go into dental technology. I especially enjoy that part of my work that requires high precision and fine detail.


What services do you offer in your laboratory?

Claus Fiderer: We specialize in implant-supported and telescopic dental prostheses. It is essential for us to collaborate closely and smoothly with our dentist customers. We see ourselves as a service provider that always strives to achieve the best possible result. We care greatly about providing in-depth advice and that is why we like it when patients come to see us in person in our laboratory. This way, we have the opportunity to assess our long-term results, once the patients come back a few years down the line. This is what makes our work exciting and gives as a lot of variety in what we do. What pleases us most is when patients tell us how happy they are with their restorations.


What are your motivations behind using press technology and especially lithium disilicate press ceramics (IPS e.max Press) from Ivoclar?

Claus Fiderer: Up to around 1997, we did all sorts - layering on dies and what not. Then came along Ivoclar’s lithium disilicate press ceramics: IPS Empress. The first of its kind so to speak. All of a sudden there were many more possibilities available to us than just layering. My decision was also motivated by the fact that restorations became a great deal more profitable with the press technology. Ivoclar must clearly be seen as the pioneer of the press technology. Over the years, I would never have wanted to use anything else, true to the motto “never change a winning team”. Why would I want to replace something that works so perfectly well?

The service also deserves a mention here: There is always a contact person available in the unlikely event that something does not quite work the way it should. That’s really important to me and simply has to be in place.


Do you already own a press furnace from Ivoclar? If yes, which features do you particularly like about it?

Claus Fiderer: The old Programat furnace (EP 3000) that we have been using in our laboratory has always served us well. We didn’t think of replacing it. The prize draw, however, has given us the opportunity to do that and we are absolutely delighted with the new press furnace. We have always loved our old furnace because it has always worked. It is intuitive to use and we were always able to achieve reliable and consistent results. Simply a very reliable piece of equipment.


What advice would you give to other dental technicians who are not yet using press technology?

Claus Fiderer: Start using it tomorrow – or better still, start using it today! Why? Press technology offers many more possibilities, especially in the anterior region. This is exactly where press technology has become indispensable. And not only that, but the selection of different press ingots allows you to achieve custom-tailored restorations really quickly and easily.


I trust IPS e.max Press because …
Claus Fiderer: … there is no substitute for Ivoclar’s many years of experience.


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Original source Ivoclar Blog - posted with permission

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