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Open the door to a wealth of new opportunities as a GBT Certified practice!

Posted by Ivodent on August 3, 2022

Are you GBT Certified yet?
Does your team and your practice meet the GBT Certification requirements?

Here’s the Checklist to find out:
A practice must have the following in place to qualify as “GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) Certified” and to get all the benefits:

 1) Own a premium GBT device – either the EMS AirFlow Prophylaxis Master or AirFlow Master Piezon to perform full Guided Biofilm Therapy.

2) Professionals using these devices must be Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) trained and follow the 8-step GBT Protocol (training needs to be updated every two years).

Training includes a 4-module on-demand online course (based on the latest scientific research) on all the aspects of GBT (x11 CPDs). It uses both a multi-functional, interactive learning programme hosted on the Ivodent eCademy, followed by an in-person training session (x8 CPDs) by an SDA accredited trainer.

Cost: R1 200 (incl VAT) for both the 4-module online on-demand and also the in-person training – for a total of x19 CPD points.

GBT Certified practices also have access to paid-for and free e-learning updates and webinars, keeping up to date with all the latest research, technologies and clinical practice standards.

All existing GBT qualified practitioners who have completed an SDA course with Ivodent on or before 30 July 2022, will get access to the 4-module course at no cost, to update their training, and earn x11 CPD points. The in-person session is not needed. The GBT training is valid for two years. All professionals that completed the SDA GBT course before 2019 must complete the online modules within 6 months to stay GBT qualified.

3) Use exclusively original EMS products, EMS Swiss Instruments and EMS Airflow Powder.

4) Agree to uphold the GBT Consensus confirming evidence based clinical efficacy.

5) Complete and submit x10 patient surveys to EMS (additional x40 over 6mths after certification).

Every GBT certified practice is given a Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) plaque and a framed GBT Certificate to display at their premises.  They are also offered marketing support by EMS and will have access to GBT marketing materials and patient fliers to promote GBT and their VIP status to patients, as well as copy and paste social media templates, GBT pictures and logos for their website. All GBT certified practices are added to consumer location finders on both Ivohealth and the EMS global website.

The SDA approved GBT on-demand and in-person course will be included, free of charge, when you purchase a Premium EMS device.

Already attended the course and purchasing a premium device? You will be credited with R1 200 worth of materials to reimburse the cost of course fees paid.

Book your on-demand course today and receive consumables to the value of R1 200 if you decide to proceed.

Contact your local Ivodent rep or email Stephanie Burgess on [email protected] to book your free EMS demo or for further details on how to become part of an exclusive global network of passionate dental professionals, performing dental prophylaxis at the highest possible level.

Visit the Ivodent eCademy for details on GBT courses, course payment and access.

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