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Local technician Michael Lazarevic talks to IVOblog ‘from the bench’ about using Sagemax

Posted by Ivodent on May 5, 2022

How long have you been using Sagemax?

I started using Sagemax about three years ago, for as long as Ivodent has been distributor for it here in South Africa.

 With regards to colour how true do you find Sagemax?

I would say it’s one of the nearest matching to shade guide colours - about 90-95% true!

Many of the competitors seem to be a little on the bright side how does Sagemax compare?

Sagemax is not bright at all, nowhere near as bright as all the other competitor products.

When looking at milling margin quality and chipping are you happy with Sagemax?

I am very happy indeed and have experienced no chipping problems at all with it!

Have you had many crowns fracture?

I have had the odd one but nowhere near as many as other materials at all.

Does the fact that Sagemax is multilayer give you the option to do full contour anterior restorations or do you do micro layering?

I do both – it depends on each individual case.  I either leave as full contour or for extra vitality will go with micro layers.

Does the fact that many of your crowns are full contour save you bench time?

Absolutely – this saves me bench time big time!

Thys tells me he has given you a Sagemax Nexx ZRT to experiment with, how does it compare to the Nexx ZR+?

I actually have not used it yet but I believe it is brighter – I hope to try it out soon! And look forward to it.

Do you need to do micro layering or is the full contour millings sufficient for anteriors? And in the posterior region?

This is case dependant – with multi units I can get away with full contour but for individual aesthetic results then I do micro layering – it’s also shade dependent. For a complicated case with individual Multiple units I can do full contour.

How does the price of Sagemax compare to the competitors?

Sagemax is extremely fairly priced and looking at price vs finished quality - far supersedes the price. One would expect to pay more actually!

Would you recommend Sagemax to your colleagues?

Yes absolutely, I highly recommend it all the time!

Michael Lazarevic purchased Sagemax NexxZr+ Multi from Ivodent.

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