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Digital Dental Technician Yusuf Saliem from Inline Dental talks to IVOblog "from the bench" on their new dry milling machine

Posted by Ivodent on April 11, 2022

We believe this is your first milling unit for Inline Dental?

Yes this is the first milling unit we've purchased for Inline Dental.

It's been on the cards for a while and we were comparing different systems for quite some time but eventually settled for the 3 Shape E2 scanner and Ivoclar PrograMill Dry milling machine.

How is it going, are you happy with the results?

I'll be honest. In the beginning it was extremely tough because I've had to learn everything from scratch. Gary and his team consisting of Thys, Johan, Werner and Devon were very helpful getting us off the ground and it's a relief to know that they are literally just a phone call away. I've had to contact some of them after working hours and they'll ALWAYS reply and assist. It might not be immediately, but they do reply and my issues were resolved.

The results are amazing! It may have been a bit challenging because of lack of experience, but once you get your brain wrapped around the way the system works, you can definitely achieve very good results, especially with the Prime and Sagemax material.

Is the whole digital experience and workflow, making you feel like you are in a different league? 

Digital dentistry allows you to offer something different to your clients in a positive way and yes, the work flow becomes easier and quicker the more you get to know the system and when and how to tweak things. This is definitely the way the industry is going and it's a breath of fresh air knowing we are able to offer this to our clients. It also allows you to turn around work quicker.

 Are you seeing improved productivity yet - saving you bench time?  

Improved productivity can only happen the more you sit and work with the system. In the beginning it was extremely hard but with the help of your team, using built-in tutorials and YouTube videos, we were able to iron out the issues we had and eventually get to where we are today. There's always room for improvement but that's exactly how technology works - lol!

Are you enjoying the Prime Zirconia – are you happy with the shades and results you are getting?

Just like any other digital lab we've tried out different materials but nothing comes close to the results we've achieved using the Zirconia Prime material. Shades are spot on and with it being a multi layered material we were able to mill big cases to full contour with amazing results.

Sagemax – have you tried it yet?  Any feedback for us?

We've tried the Sagemax as well, also with good results. It's not as good as the Prime but very close in my opinion. Material after sintering seems to be a bit lighter than what is required but with a little bit of tweaking with staining and glazing we are able to get the desired results.

Around 70% of the work we do is with Dr Haffajee and his positive comments speak for themselves. He is very happy with the results! To date we have yet to receive any negative feedback from our clients.

For more details on the Ivoclar PrograMill Dry milling machine click here.

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