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IVOblog puts Ernst Linder, technician and owner of Algoa Dental in Gqeberha, back ‘in the chair’ to give us more feedback on his Ivoclar PM7 milling “monster”

Posted by Ivodent on April 1, 2022

Are you enjoying the workflow with PM7?
It’s absolutely fantastic, I am enjoying it very much and everything is working really well! So I am a happy chappy!

We hear you are working with implant bars with an overdenture – tell us about that and your experience with it – was the dentist and patient happy?
Yes we are doing this with huge success and our dentists and patients are delighted.

Are you enjoying working with Prime Zirconia – are you happy with the shades and results you are getting?
We are loving the colour of Prime - it’s spot on! And what is really exciting is that with Prime we are able to mill the margin far thinner with no chipping, and this is a huge time saver in final finishing…

We see you have been busy with titanium bridges – how did those turn out and are you happy?
Let’s just say we are still playing around with it!

Is the PM7 saving you bench time? Do you see it as a time saver?
Yes absolutely – it’s a huge time saver!  

We also believe you are doing prosthodontics.  How is Ivotion working for you? Have you made a digital denture using the Ivotion system yet?
We are really excited about this and are getting the design right, although I do need some help with the nesting. I am looking forward to more training on this with Johan, upon his return from Ivoclar.

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