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Dental technician and owner of tandbuys in Hermanus, Andre Buys talks to IVOblog on using e.max Press Multi

Posted by Ivodent on August 2, 2021

How long have you been doing what you’re doing?

I have been in the industry since 1999, had a laboratory in Johannesburg and did a stint in the USA for four years as well, before settling in Hermanus. My focus on anterior work introduced me to the essence of intra oral and lab-side photography.

You have done a recent case using e.max Press Multi – tell us about it:
Using microscope magnification for the past 13 years has made me realise how important it is for materials to be homogeneous – even more so when you want to photograph these cases and display them during presentations.

Living and working in a small town often means developing relationships over the years, and I like to have confidence that what I do, will stand the test of time.

I love layering and the artistry of layers, but unfortunately you do lose strength and for this, and many other reasons, I choose e.max Press Multi, as I do not need to layer. It offers the same 500MPa strength all the way through the restoration, still maintaining a natural transitional appearance. I also incorporate cross polarisation photography alongside digital shade determination techniques where digital try-ins can be done, ensuring the correct material selection is done and providing better shade matching results.

Although e.max Press Multi is more technique sensitive than conventional pressing techniques, the final results and predictability of the material makes it worth every step.

On this specific case it was a patient requiring a multidisciplinary dental approach and 2+ years down the line, orthodontics, bone grafting, soft tissue augmentation, implantology and prosthodontics were completed.

Digital planning was incorporated with 3-D printed mockups to visualise the final result and everything was finished off with e.max Press Multi full coverage crowns.

What’s challenging when only restoring one arch, like for example the upper arch in this case, is that a patient often wants a lighter colour upon restoring teeth, but you still need to blend the shades and create harmony – you can see in this case that the upper crowns are slightly lighter than the natural lowers, but still within the same shade family. Thankfully the dentist who bonded these restorations also uses the Ivoclar range of products, like Variolink Esthetic luting composite. This really benefits the patients when the dental team completes restorative work within the same family of materials, and as you can see the results speak for themselves.

I am so grateful that digitisation has enabled me to work with clients from all over the country and hopefully, internationally, in the future.

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