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Dental laboratory owner and technician Ernst Linder updates IVOblog on his new Ivoclar Vivadent PM7 milling machine:

Posted by Ivodent on Jul 21, 2021

“Gosh where do I start? I am having so much fun. It’s really awesome! I have been in the trade for so many years and always have fun, but this is the best fun I’ve had with lab work!

It offers so many exciting new techniques for new materials.  It’s also such a time saver, we put in disc and just walk away and it’s done when we get back in an hour or 30mins.  So the lab is definitely more efficient time wise. We have stopped using our old milling system completely.

The metal milling is superb, it’s one of the reasons why I got the machine. This week I put fine metal milling to the test with an exciting case – it was in three stages, and included my first telescopic crown, which I normally do by hand. I had a few issues with the fit, but was able to adjust the milling strategy with the help of Johan from Ivodent and now we have perfected the friction fit.   

It’s great to be more involved in the CAM side, becoming more aware on how the units are nested and understanding the CAM side a bit more has improved our accuracy has improved.

We have installed it in our boardroom, an impressive sight - all our visitors are commenting on it.

I am most impressed by the PMMA, it works so well for temporary crowns.  

It’s such an improvement from our previous milling unit.  The interdental separation and contours of the teeth means it just needs a light hand polish and it’s all done.  When milling, the surface is ultra-smooth, no milling lines. It is also important to have a good compressor with a reservoir to handle pressure drops.   

I am looking forward to milling bars and have just received a screw seat tool from Ivodent – a special cutting tool to cut flat surface screw seats and of course I can’t wait for the Ivotion for milling dentures. Ivotion is proving to be the solution for dentures on implant structures. This is one material for the full structure of the denture with no teeth breaking out and is easy to reproduce if there is problem – I am really interested to see how it works.”

For more details on the PM7 click here.

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