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Holistic oral care enriched with health benefitting ingredients

Posted by Ivodent on May 26, 2021

Do you have patients who are interested in planet-friendly and holistic alternatives for their daily oral care regime? If you do, proudly South African brand Olgani Naturals has you covered.

Olgani has always been committed to using natural and organic ingredients. They took it one step further recently, introducing a range of zero-waste toothpowders in recyclable glass jars. The powders contain non-abrasive botanical ingredients and natural minerals that are blended together to promote dental and full body health.

People have used powders to clean their teeth since ancient times. Recent studies have shown that they may actually be more effective than some toothpastes at removing dental plaque.  
The determination to create an all-natural product range where each product is safe to use and designed to target a specific aspect, is at the core of Olgani’s belief in proper oral care.  The products are also boosted with natural and edible health benefitting ingredients – as good for your body as your teeth. 😊

The Olgani oral care range offers five kinds of toothpaste, two types of mouthwash and two tooth powders, all formulated for specific needs and are enriched with health benefitting and nourishing ingredients:

The new Charcoal & Cocoa All Natural Toothpowder helps whiten the tooth enamel, prevents sensitivity and supports gum tissue. Its ingredients include charcoal and turmeric to whiten the teeth, liquorice to prevent cavities, coffee oil to improve blood flow in the gum tissue and vitamin E to support the gum tissue. It also contains echinacea to stimulate the immune system, cocoa to improve mineral absorption into the teeth and a blend of essential oils to prevent bad breath.
The new Sage & Wintergreen All Natural Toothpowder helps to prevent plaque and cavities, freshen the breath and prevent periodontal disease. It contains green tea to strengthen the gum tissue, liquorice to prevent cavities, ginkgo biloba to improve blood circulation in the gums, olive leaf to control bacterial and viral infections, goldenseal to control fungal infections and rice flour to polish the tooth enamel.
The powders contain 50% more active ingredients than the toothpaste and can be used for brushing without water.
Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste helps removes stains, whitens teeth and detoxifies.
Mighty Cocoa Toothpaste – offers an effective option for treating dental sensitivity by utilising Theobromine rather than fluoride, whilst hardening tooth enamel.
Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste helps to control dental plaque and gum sensitivity.
Mineral Rich Evening Toothpaste enhances the natural process of tooth remineralization.
Clove & Xylitol Mouth Wash helps to fight inflammation of gum tissue, fungal infection of the mouth and bad breath.
Sage & Spearmint Mouth Wash helps prevent the build-up of dental plaque due to its mild antibacterial properties, stimulates the production of saliva and reduces the volume of harmful bacteria in the mouth.
Fruity Orange Kids Toothpaste (2-12yrs) contains Xylitol and Liquorice extract due to its beneficial properties in oral care - helping to strengthen teeth and gums for proper development.

Instead of glycerine in Olgani’s formulae, the principle of ‘oil pulling’ is used, using sesame and coconut oils to create a unique signature blend – NutrireB. Added to this, is a base of rice flour and sea salt. Rice flour is rich in minerals and vitamins, is non-abrasive yet thoroughly polishes the teeth. Sea salt is a natural preservative, regulating the pH and stimulating the production of saliva, your body’s natural mouth wash. The range is free of fluoride, SLS/foaming agents, artificial preservatives, flavourants and colourants, artificial anti-bacterial agents, silicones, parabens, micro-beads, synthetic oils and sweeteners.

If you or a team member would like more details or to try Olgani, we have toothpowder samples, please email us at [email protected] and we will get your rep to be in touch.
If you wish to buy and offer Olgani from your practice you can order online here. If you do not have an account with us you can apply for one online with this form.

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