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THE answer to efficient, predictable, and reliable cementation of zirconium oxide restorations!

Posted by Ivodent on May 25, 2021

The answer to efficient, predictable, and reliable cementation of Zircoium oxide restorations! - by clinical consultant Dr Stephné Fenwick

I’d like to introduce you to the most cost-effective self-adhesive, self-curing resin cement. With a light curing option, #IvoclarVivadent Multilink Speed, together with the universal cleaning agent Ivoclean, make this product the ideal combination for the cementation of your Zirconia restorations!

Multilink Speed plus Ivoclean equals THE answer to efficient, predictable, and reliable cementation of zirconium oxide restorations!

Ivoclean is the universal cleaning paste for all your indirect restorations, making it the ideal choice to reliably remove saliva and blood from the fitting surface of your restoration after try-in.  The complete removal of plasma proteins and phosphates, ensures optimal micro-mechanical interlocking and chemical bonding of the cement to the restoration. This is critically important for zirconia as we rely strongly on the mechanical bond and can form part of the solution to your zirconia restorations debonding.

Multilink Speed - the self-adhesive, self-curing resin cement with light curing option, is perfect for all your retentive indirect restorations. Its reliable self-curing properties make it the trustworthy choice for your zirconia and metal based opaque restorations. If your zirconia restorations are debonding when cemented with a resin cement, it probably does  not have the advanced self-curing advantage that Multilink Speed has to offer, or it may be that your fitting surface is contaminated.

The true self-adhesive properties of Multilink Speed, with integrated adhesive monomers within the cement, mean it does not require the application of etch and/or bonding agents to the tooth prior to cementation. Add to this, no silanating agent/zirconia primer needs to be applied to the surface of a zirconia restoration prior to cementation. 

Multilink Speed provides you, the clinician, with simple protocols and easy and fast clean up.    

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