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Posted by Ivodent on March 31, 2021

IVOblog interviews Thys Viljoen, Ivodent's technical specialist, about a recent, rather challenging, lab installation of a 200kg milling machine at Algoa Dental:

“In March Team Ivodent Technical, consisting of Herman Jordaan aka IvoMan, Werner Swanepoel (in picture), Andrew Hockly, Johan Coetzee and I, had the challenging task of installing an Ivoclar programill PM7 weighing in at a whopping 200kg, at Algoa Dental in Gqeberha…. or shall we just stick to PE!

This beast of a machine needed to be installed on the first floor of Algoa Dental. We did not have the luxury of a lift in the building and the staircase was too narrow for this monster. The Ivodent team and Ernst Linde, lab owner of Algoa Dental, had to make a plan and a large window was removed. We hoisted the machine up 4.5m with a forklift, and gently guided it through into the practice upstairs. The window was easily put back in.

Luckily IvoMan possesses the skills to operate a forklift (and nerves of steel!). Each Ivodent team member played a crucial role, knowing exactly what was required of them to seamlessly pull off our 4th SA PM7 installation!

Congratulations on your new machine Ernst and brilliant team at Algoa Dental. We hope you guys enjoy this magnificent milling unit!”

This just in to IVOblog from the PM7’s new owner Ernst Linde; “Gosh this is a bl**dy fancy thing! Still early days, but I am really looking forward to exploring its full potential and to combining 3D printing with milling.”  

Watch this space for more feedback from the team at Algoa Dental in a few months’ time.

In 2019 Ivoclar Digital introduced their range of digital milling and grinding units under the brand name of PrograMill, into South Africa. These cutting-edge machines, setting new standards in dental CAD/CAM technology, allow dental technicians and dentists to digitally produce dental restorations quickly and easily. Indications include inlays, onlays, veneers, partial crowns, crowns, bridges Hybrid bridge and digital complete dentures.

A powerful yet extremely simple systems solution, the PrograMill PM7 boasts high efficiencies and unparalleled qualities - precision and productivity, for your dental future.

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