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Dr Mark Bowes tells us why he guarantees e.max

Posted by Ivodent on March 10, 2021
IVOblog interviews Dr Mark Bowes, owner of Enamel Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry In Cape Town, and he tells us why he guarantees IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime:
“With ceramics the world was overwhelmed with its outstanding capability of e.max – but we needed materials for other criteria and circumstances. This is where IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime filled the huge hole.

Traditional Zirconia was beautifully strong but un-aesthetic. We always had to compromise.  With the level of R&D by Ivoclar they continue to improve and produce beautiful materials – proven super strong, which was needed for certain indications where we could not compromise for strength.

It’s 2021, we are seeing our patients being very aesthetically driven but without compromise. ZirCAD Prime provides the holy grail of dentistry – giving both strength AND aesthetics. Ivoclar’s level and commitment to R&D continues to blow me away.  Their unique gradient technology applied to this monolithic zirconia material means a seamless transition between the dentine and enamel – resulting in more natural looking teeth.

The new gradient procedure from more opaque to more translucent results in more natural looking teeth – this is unique and is what separates them from any competitive products.  Added to this is the huge range of shades available that covers all bases – we can now confidently produce natural looking teeth.

The incredible flexibility and versatility of all the options allows us to use this in so many different clinical situations. It is possible to use it in a solid monolithic state for staining and glazing – or for a layered technique for cases that demand ultimate esthetics or just simply for infiltration techniques. With ZirCAD we have all the options. Simply fabulous for modern dentistry!

No more are our hands tied with limited materials. Over the past 30 years I have never done two cases the same and as every tooth is different this is quite amazing! With ZirCAD Prime I really do get better results for the patient.

It offers high end strength from single units to bridges and even to full arch dentistry – as not every case you can utilise bonding protocols – full coverage is still an important part of restorative dentistry – vertical preparations have certainly become more popular and require us to finish with fine feather edge restorations, and still allowing us to apply to rules of minimally invasive protocols.

I can do that with this product! With the vertical preparation the margins are subgingival – the biocompatibility of Zirconia is huge – the gingival soft tissue loves the material!  

Never before have we had so many beautiful ceramic options available in dentistry.”

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