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Sitting healthy with Salli Saddle Chair

Posted by Ivodent on Dec 9, 2020

Healthy sitting on divided swinging saddle chairs

Everyone in the dental profession is potentially affected by sitting disorders (SD): back degeneration, chronic pain, poor posture and the ongoing problems related to this.  The divided Salli Saddle Chair now available online from Ivodent, offers the ideal solution.

Salli’s ideal ergonomics will:

  • ease shoulder pain
    The chair positions your body in the correct position, provided that the height of the chair is properly adjusted. Using a Salli Saddle Chair helps the neck and shoulder area to relax.
  • diminish the risk of joint problems
    Sitting on a saddle swing chair creates a 135-degree angle between the thighs and the upper body. This is the healthiest way to sit, improving circulation in the hip and knee joints.
  • speed up metabolism
  • help activate or rehabilitate the pelvic floor muscles in women
  • diminish the risk of erectile dysfunctions in men
    Similar problems to those experienced among male cyclists have been found among dentists using the one-part saddle chairs. On the two-part Salli it is possible to tilt the hip forward to create the healthy lower back curve, and not feel uncomfortable pressure in the genital area.
  • burn calories
    According to several studies, long-time sitting in a stable position is fattening. It is easy to move around on a Salli chair and exercise stomach and back muscles on the active seat.
  • prevent cellulite
    One reason for cellulite is poor blood circulation. On Salli the wide angles in knees and between the thighs and upper body enable good circulation of both blood and lymph in the lower limbs.

To read Salli testimonials from very satisfied colleagues click here. To order from us online, click here or send your details to email [email protected] and we will contact you.

We have in stock:

Salli Chin Tilt (Black, Blue, Red); Salli Sway: (Blue, Black, Red); Salli Light Tilt: (Black) and Salli Slim Basic (Black).
Kick off a new year in health and comfort!

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