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Introducing Kindbrush, an environmentally-friendly oral care range of bamboo toothbrushes and biodegradable floss.

Plastic pollution is a growing concern. With statistics showing there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050, it’s encouraging to know that many people are seeking more natural product options.

Introducing Kindbrush – a quality, environmentally-friendly oral care range of toothbrushes and floss – purposefully designed by South African oral hygienist, Chrismarié Barnardt. You can recommend Kindbrush as an eco-friendly alternative with complete confidence; it’s been developed by a local dental professional who is as passionate about oral health as she is about reducing plastic waste.

Demonstrate that your practice cares about the planet as well as your patients, by stocking Kindbrush bamboo toothbrushes and biodegradable floss-in-a-bottle.

Here are 6 reasons we are proud to supply Kindbrush to dental practices around South Africa:

  1. Sustainable and stylish – available in 5 happy colours (white, green, mint, aqua, pink)
  2. For both adults and children, ergonomic, ethically-sourced bamboo toothbrushes with small heads and super-soft bristles - gentle and effective for plaque removal
  3. Refillable, biodegradeable floss-in-a-bottle
  4. Waste-free packaging
  5. Reduces unnecessary waste and provides top-quality oral care
  6. Clever hygienic ‘upstanding’ toothbrush design

What do our customers say?

Dr Pieter van Rooyen - dentist, Patheodent Dental Clinic, Cape Town


The toothbrush is great! It is soft but effective leaving your teeth clean and smooth, but is gentle on the gums. As a dentist, I can recommend this toothbrush.

Ina Alberts – oral hygienist, I Love My Smile, Pretoria


The Kindbrush is pretty, gentle on teeth and gums, has a comfortable grip and the feel of bamboo between your fingertips is something special. The black floss makes it clearer to see where you’re flossing and slips easily between tight contacts without coming apart. If you’re looking to care for your teeth and our planet, using Kindbrush is a great way!

Andrea Bothma – oral hygienist, The Implant Clinic, Cape Town


I have tried many different kinds of bamboo toothbrushes and biodegradable floss - Kindbrush is the first that I can recommend to my patients. It has a comfortable environmentally-friendly handle, soft bristles that are truly kind to your gums, and stays in an upright position, keeping it hygienic. The floss is fantastic. It is wide enough to remove all of the biofilm around the gum, yet easy to slide between all teeth including crowded teeth. It is biodegradable therefore will not end up somewhere in the ocean.

Benita Mathews, Oral Hygienist, Smith and van Lierop, Cape Town


Loving the Kindbrush range. Definitely recommending this to my patients.

For more detailed product information:

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